Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Chevron Rag Wreath

Rag wreaths are such a fun and easy way to make your front door look festive. I made a rag wreath for fall and got so many compliments on it that I had to make another one! And since I didn't have any green wreaths, a St. Patrick's Day rag wreath was perfect. Here's what I used:


1 1/2 yd. broad cloth in each color (4 1/2 yds. total)
Pinking shears
18" wire wreath 


Cut out strips of fabric in each color, measuring about 1 1/2" in width and 10" in length. 

Tie fabric strips to 3 rings of the wreath until the wreath is full.

Fluff the wreath and hang!

How easy was that? For more St. Patrick's Day ideas, check out the Holiday & Seasonal page!

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  1. I always love your wreaths, Katie, but I never want to make any because I already have exactly four (one for winter, spring, summer, fall, haha!) and I already have trouble finding places to store them. How do you store yours? Or do you break them down after every use and start again?

  2. Thanks Alyssa! I actually hang mine on hangers in a closet. But I have so many now that I think this year, I'm going to have to start breaking some of them down.

  3. This is so cute. Gotta love the Irish for such a green holiday! Cheers.


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